Fashion designers in Germany

Germany is a country that is known to have an excellent e-commerce market. It is highly endowed with well acquainted, smart, and savvy buyers. It is a mature marketplace that is gradually growing and has an infrastructure and size that appeals to sellers worldwide. Fashion design is an exciting part of the German marketplace.  The country is home to several upcoming designers who are homegrown and have a pool of creative legends. To choose the best cloth brands in Germany, you can use review sites such as Here, you’ll be able to look at the previous client’s reviews and determine which is the best design brand to go for. If you are in for dating, then you can always visit german dating sites. Some of the best designers in Germany are discussed below.

Bobby Kolade

Dedicated to promoting and creating sustainable eco-fashion, Bobby Kolade is a young and emerging German fashion designer. He was born to Nigerian parents in Sudan and attended Weißensee School of Art, where he studied fashion design, and before launching his label in 2013, he worked at Balenciaga. He makes his designs ethically, and instead of using leather and fur, he opts for sustainable and natural materials such as fabric made from a Ugandan fig tree’s bark. He is also known to utilize fashion as a way of making political statements and has designed a sweater that has an audacious image of a Bangladeshi’s distorted textile factory.

Ashley Marc Hovelle

Ashley Marc Hovelle launched the Hovelle’s, also known as AMH brand, in 2009. The brand has now been offering premium men’s apparel for over a decade. The brand is famous for producing a clean aesthetic that emphasises jersey wear. AMH is inspired by retro-cool details, which informs its inclusion of contrasting prints, embroidery, and vibrant patterns. The brand is sold the world over in more than 30 countries.

Antonia Zander

Antonia Zander is known for making perfectly tailored and sophisticatedly styled knitwear. The brand uses cashmere entirely sourced from Italy and knitted by hand in Poland, producing some of the highest quality pieces. The Cashmere label was launched by Antonia Zanders mother in the 1980s in Bavaria as a small shop. Antonia would play with buttons and fabrics, and she recognized that fashion was her calling.

Buki Akomolafe

Launched in 2015, Buki Akomolafe is a signature label founded by Buki Akomolafe, a German Nigerian designer. Buki’s heritage shaped her aesthetic vision offering her a varied background in techniques of handcrafting. This label focuses on high-end women’s clothing but tends to avoid obvious femininity with detailed tailoring and a clue of androgyny. The label makes use of eco-organic materials and utilises organic help silk, certified cotton, and distinct Africa wax prints to come up with a refined balance between west African techniques and classic European craftsmanship and thus having pieces that narrate a story.

Leyla Piedayesh

Leyla Piedayesh is the designer of the Lar Berlin brand, a highly successful brand. The designer is recognised for her calm and effortless aesthetic. Her fashion store and label epitomise the metropolis of Berlin and convey the German capital’s spirit successfully to the world in an individual and authentic manner. The designer includes chunky, slouchy knit, boxy silhouettes and bright ethnic-inspired Patterns to develop a dynamic and fresh look that mirrors urban space’s aesthetics. Leyla’s feminine and distinctive collections mirror’s the fleeting showy chic of berlin in new ways.

Margot Buchheit

Margot Buchheit founded IAMKILOGRAM, a fashion label based in Berlin, in 2017. The label has its core values such as uniqueness, creativity, and colour. The first Avant grade streetwear collection was founded in October 2017 through the brands its live webshop. The labels design its outfit from vintage scarves, vintage sports jerseys, and other second-hand material in a manner that cannot be imitated. IAMKILOGRAM is run outside Berlin with its creation, production, and concept all happening in a studio out of the city. They also use locally sourced raw materials.

Anna Jannicke

Anna Jannicke was born and grew up in Cologne and later moved to Düsseldorf at the AMD Akademie Mode & Design to study fashion design. After graduation, she would move to Kington University in London to continue her studies, where she gained an MA in fashion. Anna Jannicke has a collection that exemplifies a detailed understanding of prints, materials and colour. All these elements are combined to come up with a feminine silhouette to fit the modern-day independent woman.

In conclusion, some of the best fashion designers in Germany have been discussed above.

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